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This full moon, readjust as needed. Self-care is such a nebulous term. Make sure this full moon that you know the difference because self-medicating and self-care. The difference between is but a silken threat. By identifying unhealthy coping mechanisms, you are investing in your future happiness.

Every Important Astrological Event and Date You Need to Know in 12222

Remember April 5? Because all that situational life-stuff is hanging around for a reason. This full moon, fine-tune your path and intentions from the last new moon. History repeats itself until we make a conscious effort to fuck it up. Unresolved issues may boil up this full moon. Sometimes plucking at threads makes a bigger mess, you know? Resolve the challenges as best you can and let go of the rest.

Let this full moon teach you how to unclench your fists, sweet Capricorn. This full moon has your head full of poetry and your heart full of songs. Follow inspiration without the need for a finished project. Not everything has to be finished or for sale—especially not your creativity and unique way of looking at the world.

Make something and show no one. Transformation is never easy. But hang in there. But it is worth it. Do what you need to survive, OK?

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There you have it, sweet signs. Good things are here and coming. I hope you get to taste it all. Share Facebook Pinterest Twitter Tumblr. What's hot. Image: Sprios Halaris. Tags: astrology Full moon. Facebook Pinterest Twitter Tumblr Instagram. Facebook Pinterest Twitter. Keeping your spirits up. The Moon changes signs every two to three days.

Full Moon in Aries 13th October 2019

For examples, avoid breast surgery during the Moon in Cancer, avoid an abortion during Moon in Scorpio, and avoid knee surgery during Moon in Capricorn. In general, the most favorable lunar signs for surgery are Earth signs Virgo, Capricorn and Taurus. These Earth signs are the most grounding for any type of operations or change of the physical body. They are the best signs for good food, health focus, healing, and stamina. Fire sign Moons are dynamic and focus on accomplishment.

I recently did dental work a new crown on a Sagittarius Moon because my Moon is in Sagittarius.

The dental work went quickly, and we stayed on target without distractions. Still, I prefer Earth sign Moons for surgery. If you can select your surgery date when the Moon is not void of course, then do so. Void of course means the Moon is changing to the next sign.

September New & Full Moons: Full Moon in Pisces & New Moon in Libra

But so much surgery is routine that the void Moon often is not a strong influence because the doctor is not innovating new methods — and practicing on you! Mutable Moon signs are fast and easy. Cardinal Moon signs are good to get things done. Fixed Moon signs are slow and steady. All modalities are good; they just bring different energy.

What April’s Full Pink Moon Will Mean for Every Zodiac Sign

Mercury retrograde is usually not a problem for surgery. Surgery is very routine, not highly mercurial.

Full List 12222 New Moons

Surgeons are not making up new methods as they go. Mercury is retrograde for three weeks. If your surgery is during these three weeks:.

Allow enough time to get to your surgery appointment, and plan to arrive early. Feng Shui tips.

12222 Moon Phases

And prepare your food before your surgery. Have in the fridge or freezer your soups, bone broth, juices, or whatever food is best for your recovery. You have time to read, so check out my book Taoist Astrology. Monday after a holiday weekend is not the best time to schedule your surgery.

So schedule your surgery for Friday morning, not late afternoon before the weekend. Avoid scheduling surgery on dates that are on or too close to a holiday. For examples, the couple of days before Thanksgiving or Christmas, few people have their mind on work. On or the day after St. Ovulate on the full Moon!

Figure out when you menstruate and get your body in sync to produce your egg when the Moon is full. This is the quiet time to rest, release your blood, and honor your body. So plan travel and other stimulating events on or near the full Moon. Plan quiet, restful time during the final days of the lunar cycle during menstruation. And yes, men are influenced by lunar cycles too. Celebrations, weddings, and parties are best on the full Moon, or as close to the full Moon as possible! The best attendance will be on or close to a full Moon.

An event held on a dark Moon at the end of the lunar cycle will attract fewer people.

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Avoiding the full Moon avoids a lot of strong energy, but flying on a full Moon is beautiful to see in the sky below the plane.