February 10 eclipse horoscope

Fortunately, a friendly link between artful Venus and brainy Mercury facilitates organized articulation of your ideas as long as you slow down long enough to think before you talk. Where you spend your resources is always your choice, and those choices are clearly laid out in front of you. Sometimes it's easier to invest in others rather than yourself, but the Leo Lunar Eclipse is centered in your 2nd House of Self-Worth and there's no hiding from the realizations it illuminates. You cannot truly give to those you love without being emotionally whole yourself.

Being completely honest about your values is the most direct route to happiness. You're ready to roar and you don't care who hears you. The loud and proud Leo Lunar Eclipse magnifies your 1st House of Personality, centering all your thoughts on your personal ambitions and your rightful place in the world. You're correct in believing that you shouldn't let anyone dim your candle just because they're uncomfortable with your brightness, but self-confidence can quickly turn to arrogance if you disregard the feelings of those closest to you. Take the high road and treat others with the same respect you expect for yourself.

You may want to slip into your own private fantasy world where you are admired and respected for all your hard work. However, dreams only come true when you possess the courage to bring them to reality. The warm Leo Lunar Eclipse rattles your 12th House of Secrecy, pointing out where the real you is hiding.


Meanwhile, mental Mercury sketches out a plan to infuse more authenticity to your daily life. Small changes in habits add up to big transformations.

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Take the necessary steps toward a more genuine you. You could be so invested in being a part of something that you haven't noticed your personality adapting to fit in. Everything changes when the animated Leo Lunar Eclipse casts the spotlight on group dynamics in your 11th House of Friends. If people aren't encouraging you to shine brighter, it could be time to ask yourself if you're being genuine or just putting on a show to please everyone. Affable Venus and talkative Mercury team up to help you find a creative way to say what you mean without stirring up unnecessary drama.

Daily Horoscope for Saturday, February 10 | yqegagusow.tk

Moderation hasn't crossed your mind because your brain is running on overdrive with a full plate of hearty ambition. The boastful Leo Full Moon emphasizes your 10th House of Status, demanding the recognition you feel you deserve. You're willing to ruthlessly claw your way to your goals if that's what it takes.

If you truly want to be respected for your achievements, speak your intentions softly, honor your commitments and make a daily concerted effort toward progress. You're ready to throw yourself into your quest as the passionate Leo Lunar Eclipse burns in your 9th House of Vision. You can see yourself soaring above everyone else when you close your eyes, but a bird's eye view is only one way to look at the world. Spare some of your enthusiasm for the smaller details that will support your grand goals. Your faith is unstoppable; you need to pack all the necessary provisions before rushing out the door to meet your dreams.

You're all business on the outside, but the desire for deep connection is ignited within you. The loyal Leo Full Moon is a Lunar Eclipse in your 8th House of Intimacy and you feel almost obsessive about strengthening the bonds of your closest relationships. If your search for affection is driven by a fear of not being loved, it's best to address these questions of self-worth honestly rather than ignoring the problem.

Tomorrow’s Lunar Eclipse in Leo: Nevertheless She Persisted

At heart this is a time to let your light shine in the world. The first one is at 8 Pisces, on February 26 or 27, depending on where in the world you are. The second one is at 28 Leo on August 21 or 22, again depending on where you are. Throughout history eclipses have been seen as magical signs, often interpreted as warnings.

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While it can be disconcerting to experience a solar eclipse — seeing the Sun darken in the middle of the day is odd for sure — it is a symbol that can mean a few different things. The red planet, Mars, powers through Aries, one of his home signs and strongest places, from January 28 — March Side note — this covers the whole of the current eclipse season!

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Mars in Aries is about action, the impulsive, shot from the hip, straight from the heart kind of doing. In actual astro news, the Sun makes its annual pass over the karmic South Node, currently in Pisces, today. This is a combination about emptying out, letting go and making peace with the past. Old stuff — feelings, fears, philosophies — may re-appear. If so, examine them.

ECLIPSES of February 2017 / Lunar Eclipse Feb. 10th, Solar Eclipse Feb. 26th

Ask yourself, does this still serve me? If not, release. Let it go. Stop doing the thing or feeling the feeling. Eclipses are pattern breakers. They show a shift in the usual way of doing things. This means every eclipse is a great chance to shake up your routine and explore a wide variety of new rituals. This particular Leo Lunar Eclipse is especially unpredictable, as it activates an already powerful triangle pattern that has formed between Jupiter in Libra, Saturn in Sagittarius and Uranus in Aries.

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