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A comfortable life is a must for them. Instead of focusing on the problems, they choose to postpone them. Sexuality is an important part of the life according to them. Their perfectionist approach in love can sometimes lead them into difficult situations.

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They have an obstinate and energetic character. They called it Horse for some good reason.

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The people from this sign are used to feel the independence of going at full speed in the life. Despite being very friendly, they can have problems for committing themselves quickly to someone and forgetting that person in the same quick way. The society always loves them for their adventurous, cheerful and generous nature. They are emotional, in favour of collaboration with others and loyal. They are very polite and patient. They keep themselves away from uneasiness, being loved is like bread and water for them — they need it in order to keep alive.

They always rely on their intuitions. Monkeys have a fame for their practical intelligence. Their characters full of fun and life energy comes from the child growing in their spirit. Maybe that is the reason why they break taboos and protest preconceived ideas. They attach importance to being fair. Their sense of humour is the most obvious sign of their intelligence.

When it comes to Chinese astrology signs, Rooster is the most outspoken sign. They prefer speak out clearly and straight away what they feel inside. Rooster are known for being critical and witty and have a tendency of being too talkative.

They carry on their outspoken character in love too. They choose partners who take attention physically. They can form friendship that will end until the end thanks to their mature character and sensible attitude. Their reliable personality makes them a foul-weather friend. Although their obstinacy looks like a wall impossible to climb over, you will see they have a big heart when you will get closer. Pigs are very good at living in harmony with other people since they are honest and reliable. Note: Corporate supplies and wholesale requirement: Please click here.

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Chinese horoscope Personality of Tiger

As the one that's closest to it, Mercury is the fastest moving planet in our solar system that orbits the Sun in only 88 days. In a birth chart only the Moon moves faster. Mercury was the messenger of the gods and is linked astrologically with communication. The Greek equivalent is Hermes. Mercury rules the signs of Gemini and Virgo. If it is in a significant position in a birth chart it indicates a quick-thinker with the ability to adapt and innovate.

2020 Chinese Five Element Astrology - Zodiac Year of the White Rat

The Moon orbits Earth and the two together go round the Sun. The Moon orbits the Earth once every 28 days and its position in a birth chart varies noticeably with the time a person was born. Since many people in the UK don't know the exact time they were born, for many necklaces I place the Moon where it would be at noon on the date of birth.

The position of the Moon in a natal chart indicates the emotions and the subconscious. The Moon is regarded as one of the planets in astrology. The Sun is the heavenly body around which everything else revolves. Traditionally, however, astrological charts place the Earth rather than the Sun at the centre and note the positions of the other planets in astrology in relation to Earth rather than to the Sun. A chart which places the Sun at its centre is known as a Heliocentric chart and is used in some branches of astrology. In a birth chart the Sun represents the person whose chart it is.

Just about every newspaper horoscope bases it's readings on the Sunsign i. This is, however, an extremely oversimplified way of interpreting a chart and is the reason why many people who just read their stars in a newspaper or magazine find them unreliable. Delivery and Returns. Terms and Conditions. Privacy Policy.

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This feature requires JavaScript to be turned on. Tiger Eye beaded astrology necklace. Statue of Neptune, Gdansk, Poland. Mars does a complete orbit of the Sun every 1. A single orbit of the Sun takes Venus days - less than a year in Earth time. Venus is the ruler of the signs of Taurus and Libra.

The Moon. The Moon is the ruler of the sign of Cancer. The necklaces are made using the more customary geocentric chart Earth at centre.

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